~ 13 April 2004 ~

The Unimpressive Press

After watching President Bush’s press conference tonight, I have increasingly less faith in what our country’s journalism schools are turning out. Are the people chosen to ask questions of the POTUS really the best that the news agencies have to offer?

I, for one, am not a believer in the old adage that “the only stupid questions are the ones not asked.” I sat and watched at least three reporters ask the same stupid question tonight: “What do you think your biggest mistake has been?”

I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually thought he would reply, “Going into Iraq.” Seriously, why not ask, “Why do you think that you shouldn’t be elected?” Have they no shame?

The real kicker was Dan Rather’s comment immediately following the press conference. He described Bush’s speech as given in a “flat, monotone voice.” I almost fell out of my seat. Dan Rather accusing someone else of having a flat, monotone voice?

The last reporter criticized Bush for not having more press conferences. There’s no real mystery as to why he doesn’t.

UPDATE (4/15): La Shawn Barber and Joe Carter have excellent posts on the matter.

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  1. La Shawn Barber » 14 April 2004:

    There’s a new study out about what Americans think of journalist. Guess what the conclusions were? We think they’re biased!

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