~ 22 August 2004 ~

New on the Blogroll

I’ve made several new addtions to my “Weblogs of Note” blogroll. Among them:

Matthew White’s South End Grounds is a baseball-themed political blog from Tennessee. White is an ex U.S. Marine, and his “Adventures in Parris…Island” series is a must-read.

John Rabe is sharp Christian blogger (apparently from Florida—but I won’t hold that against him) who has in the last week posted a report on the hurricane relief efforts in Punta Gorda and a thoughtful “Cautious Defense of Price-Gouging.”

Finally, my friend Charles Halton has entered the blogosphere with Marduk’s Terror, a blog which he describes as:

A bridge that spans the ancient times of the Near East and the modern world of blogging and $5 cups of coffee (plus all sorts of side trails and quick forays into other areas).

I’m already hooked.

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  1. Charles » 22 August 2004:

    Thanks for the promo, I’ll send you your check ASAP. Just kidding!

  2. John R. » 23 August 2004:


    How much are YOU sending? We should at least coordinate our payments…


    (Seriously, thanks Jared. It’s great to be on board!)

  3. Kris Tamerius » 23 August 2004:

    Mr. Bridges,

    Hello there. First of all, thanks for the link! (Always exciting to be linked!) Second, nice blog. (Always good to discover a great new blog.) And third, do you know Kevin Larson? I think his wife’s name is Amy, and I think he was attending SBTS also?

  4. Jared Bridges » 24 August 2004:

    Charles & John—your checks bounced! I’ll have to post your bad checks for all to see, and yes, there’s going to be a service charge…

    Kris—you’re welcome for the link—thanks for the reciprocity! I don’t know Kevin and Amy, but SBTS is a big place, and I’ve been out nine months.

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