~ 16 February 2005 ~

What’s in a Name?

If I were an enemy of the United Stated Navy and I heard that the USS Ronald Reagan was coming to get me, I’d be shaking in my boots. Run fer th’ hills!

Somehow I don’t think the USS Jimmy Carter will evoke the same kind of response…

UPDATE: The cartoon Day by Day has a funny take on the new sub.

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  1. Adeodatus » 17 February 2005:

    Of course, by the time you knew that the USS Jimmy Carter was after you, you would be dead. Attack subs have a way like that.

    You would’ve thought that they would’ve had the foresight to name a different vessel after Mr. Carter. A hospital ship, maybe. You think Ronald Reagan, you think BIG. You think Jimmy Carter, and you definately DON’T think ‘swift’ or ‘deadly’.

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