~ 20 June 2005 ~

Photo Time

Our son, now a brawny six-plus months in age, is growing faster than a Democrat can cry filibuster. Photos are in demand. Here’s the supply:

These boots are made for...
These boots are made for . . . not yet.

Quite the charmer.
Quite the charmer.


Beach bums.
Beach bums.

Graco should be paying me for this shot.
Graco should be paying me for this.


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  1. David Wayne » 21 June 2005:

    Adorable – how’d he get so cute? I bet it has something to do with your wife eh?

  2. Lori Halton » 15 July 2005:

    When did he get to be so big?
    He is so cute!
    We miss you guys.
    Love, Lori and Charles

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