~ 19 August 2005 ~

Gratuitous Baby Pics

Yikes, has it really been since June that I’ve posted some photos? I can spend hours writing the perfect blog post, but it’s always these photos that receive the adulation. They’re certainly worthy of adulation, so adulate away!

Ahead of the game.
Ahead of the game.

We don't wear shirts in Kentucky.
We don’t wear shirts in Kentucky.

The Louisville Slugger
The Louisville Slugger

Let me try the camera...
Let me try the camera…

Lemons are cake compared to Cheerios.
Lemons are cake compared to Cheerios.


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  1. Nana » 19 August 2005:

    My favorite grandchild, He is precious and he just happens to be the cutest baby in the whole world.. Nana sends hugs and kisses…Thank God for babies.

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