~ 7 February 2006 ~

Orange E-Rupp-tion

KY 67, TN 75

I had my first experience at Rupp Arena tonight watching the Vols dismantle the Kentucky Wildcats with my Kentucky-fan wife. The Cats were gracious hosts to an orange-clad Vol fan who was one of the few disperesed throughout the arena.

KY and TN in action

The Vols are orange-hot, and this win at Rupp was a long time coming. Yes, after a generation, Tennessee basketball has come into its own. Go Vols!

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  1. Patrick Bowerman » 8 February 2006:

    Amen to that Jared. It has been a long time coming for Tennessee to be doing this well. I am extremely excited about what Bruce Pearl has done in his first year with this team. I would love to see them stun Florida at home and then, just for desert, beat Kentucky at the Tommy Bowl.

  2. Jason Doty » 11 February 2006:

    I’m already voting Bruce Pearl in as Coach of the Year. Of course, I am not a sportswriter or anything like that, so it doesn’t really amount to much. However, ESPN’s Big 10 and Big East leaning voters are going to have a tough time denying him.

  3. Michael E. » 21 February 2006:

    It’s always a good thing when the kittens go down in Corrupt Arena!!!

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