Best of 2006

Today is the one day of the year where it’s proper to use that annoying “see ya next year” joke, and what better way of ending out a banner year than to follow the tradition of years past (2004, 2005), and list a few of my “bests” from A.D. 2006: Best Novel (read in 2006):… Continue reading Best of 2006

Saying Yes to Mess

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk?” In the semiotics of mess, desks may be the richest texts.

Dead man writing

The news of President Ford’s death has caused some bloggers to remember this video, where SNL comedian Dana Carvey, acting as Tom Brokaw, pre-records the announcement of Ford’s death — in 1996. It’s a funny video, given the fact that it is now common practice for news outlets to have completed obituaries on hand before… Continue reading Dead man writing

2006 In Places

Here are the cities in which I spent at least one night during 2006: Alcoa, TN Alexandria, VA Birmingham, AL Chandler, AZ Baltimore, MD Detroit, MI Flagstaff, AZ Gray, TN Holland, MI Lexington, VA Louisville, KY Owensboro, KY Stamping Ground, KY Woodbridge, VA c.f. my 2005 list

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SSNs, Slogans, and Irony

My newborn daughter recently received in the mail her social security card, complete with a nine-digit number that she’ll have to memorize and recite for the rest of her life if she ever wants to have anything “official” completed. Given the chances that she’ll ever receive back any benefits that she’ll pay into the program… Continue reading SSNs, Slogans, and Irony

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Christ as Enmity

Popular Christmas sensibilities most often portray the Christ as a helpless baby. This we should not forget, as it reminds us how the almighty God took upon flesh. Jesus was a man — the son of God. If he had not his humanity, Christ could not have satisfied the wrath of God on the cross.… Continue reading Christ as Enmity

There’s no revolution in Belgium. Really

War of the Worlds meets Belgium: A fake TV spot saying Belgium had erupted into civil war dupes many. Compare the public reaction to a 1938 radio broadcast of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds.