~ 12 February 2007 ~

Conspiracy Theory

KGB Plate

Last week, some nameless fool stole my license plate from my parked car, prompting the need for a trip to the DMV Saturday morning to obtain a new one. As I waited in the long, seemingly eternal DMV line, I wondered to myself what would prompt someone to steal a single license plate in a state that requires two per car?

It didn’t take long to determine that greater forces were at work. My new license plate (not a vanity plate, thank you very much) just “happened” to bear three all-too-familiar letters: K-G-B.

Hmm, let’s see here:

  • I write a blog called TruePRAVDA
  • I still speak a smattering of Russian
  • Years ago, I hung out in places where the KGB still exists
  • I work in Washington, D.C.
  • I now drive a foreign car with KGB on the license plate

Lest any certain foreign government agencies get the wrong idea, my loyalties lie with this Red, White, and Blue, not that one.

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  1. Colby » 13 February 2007:

    I’d guess that your new tag is a hotter item to be stolen with those specific K-G-B letters together. Of course, as you stated, in VA one must steal both tags to have something of value.

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