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Bear Grylls Facts

I’m excited about the return tonight of the Discovery Channel series, “Man vs. Wild.” If you haven’t seen it, you should. Former British special forces adventurer-extraordinaire Bear Grylls parachutes into a remote location with only a knife, a flint, a water bottle (and a camera crew that refuses to give him aid). His goal is to survive long enough to find civilization, and along the way show us, the viewers, how to survive in the wild. It’s great fun to see just how Bear Grylls will find food, shelter, and fend off the wildlife.

Bear Grylls is a tough guy. Anybody who can drink water out of elephant dung or kill a fish by breaking its back — with his mouth — is a force with which to be reckoned.

That’s why, in the spirit of Chuck Norris Facts, Jack Bauer Facts, and Fred Thompson Facts, I’ve decided to enter the realm of internet copycatism and create a list of Bear Grylls Facts. Here they are:

  • It is a known fact that Bear Grylls once broke his back during a parachute accident while in the British Special Forces. Lesser known is the fact that he built a makeshift hospital in the wilderness and performed back surgery on himself using only a knife, a flint, and a water bottle.
  • In the wild, Bear Grylls eats all kinds of bugs and twigs for the protein. In civilization, he eats spare car parts for the iron.
  • Bear Grylls’ peculiar name is derived from two things: his favorite food, and the manner in which he likes to cook it.
  • When Bear Grylls got married, he was so excited that he forgot to bring his wife on the honeymoon — but he did remember to bring his knife, a flint, and a water bottle.

Those are just a few (I know, I could do better…). I’ll try to add other facts as I “discover” them. Anyone else know any “facts” about Bear Grylls?

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  1. Darrell » 18 June 2007:

    That was funny.

  2. Dan » 18 June 2007:

    “Bear Grylls doesn’t need to survive but rather survive needs to Bear Grylls”

  3. lindsey » 20 June 2007:

    look u dont know anything about bear grylls so dont try to make those funny fact cause they are pretty dumb u should ttalk to bear grylls first

  4. lindsey » 20 June 2007:

    i think theri pretty kool

  5. M.W. » 8 July 2007:

    It’s a well known fact that in the event of nucleuar holocaust two things would TRUELY survive; cockroaches and Bear Grylls, aftwards Bear would simply eat the cockroaches for protien.

  6. the real bear grylls » 9 July 2007:

    “Bear Grylls has died twice but managed to survive and escape heaven each time.”

  7. Goose » 9 July 2007:

    Bear Grylls is the only man alive who knows how to drink piss, with style…

  8. Brutus Rhymestone » 10 July 2007:

    When in the Alps, Bear Grylls used pine needles and moss to build a shelter that received a 5-star rating and subsequently put surrounding ski resorts out of business. When asked to comment, Grylls dived into a frozen lake and reappeared completely dry with three rainbow trout.

  9. Brutus Rhymestone » 10 July 2007:

    Whilst fishing with his bare hands, Bear Grylls accidentally won a Fishing Tournament that was being held 2 miles downstream. When awarded with the trophy, Grylls sharpened it on a rock and used it to kill a nearby grisly.

  10. Brutus Rhymestone » 10 July 2007:

    When Bear Grylls in high in the mountains, the altitude suffers from ‘Bare Grylls’ sickness.

  11. AJ » 12 July 2007:

    Its a fact that Bear Grylls lives on a private Island with no electricity, so he catches electric eels with his butt cheeks and rubs them with his knife to make electricity.

    I’m not kidding though, Bear really lives on a private Island with no electricity. How baller is that.

  12. M.W. » 14 July 2007:

    It’s been leaked that their is a top secret plan to send Bear Grylls to mars on the next season of man versus wild. While their he plans on scaling Olympus Mons, finding water, and simply walking back to civalization using only his flint, knife, and water bottle.

  13. M.W. » 14 July 2007:

    In 2005 he led a team of five British men on the first unassisted crossing of the North Atlantic Arctic Ocean, in an open rigid inflatable boat. Bear Grylls simply tied the boat to a rope around his waist and toed the raft. Icerbergs, sharks, and storms were too afraid to get in his way. (Fact: Bear Gryllz actually did cross the Northern Atlantic Ocean in a raft)

  14. grrrr bliss » 22 July 2007:

    It is known that bear grylls kept warm in the scotish highlands not just by wearing the stinky fur of a dead deer, but also by farting into his waterbottle, then using his flint to start a nice gasfire.

  15. Cj Bascom » 23 July 2007:

    On the last episode of Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls defeats Wild.

  16. Cj » 23 July 2007:

    On the last episode of Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls defeats Wild

  17. Dan » 24 July 2007:


    He’s a fake. Stayed in hotels, when u thought he was toughing it out!!!
    Got experts to build his raft for him etc
    He also lied about flying over everset and has just been exposed!!!!


  18. Hallajujah » 25 July 2007:

    Bear Grylls’ camera crew doesn’t refuse to give him aid. Sometimes, after giving a full 3 course meal to his crew after catching fish and insects with his bare hands, he needs to refuse to give them aid.

  19. tony » 4 August 2007:

    Fact: On one occasion, there was a leak in Bear Gryll’s house. He then built shelter underneath the leak in the ceiling and made a fire to survive.

  20. Bear is a FRAUD » 5 August 2007:
  21. Grills Bears » 15 August 2007:

    Bear Gryll secret script.
    Camera 1: This week I am in a remote place where no-one has ever been. Ever. (looks at camera 2)
    This place is so dangerous that poisonous gas just leaps out of the ground and armed ninja tigers are just waiting to bite me. I’m going to show you how to survive using nothing but a thin sliver of plastic and a knife. And fork.
    Cut to restaurant: Today I am only going to eat raw meat. I always carry a bottle of Tabasco to make it taste better. The waiter chap puts in all the other stuff like the ground black pepper and the capers and the flat leafed parsley. He even wanted to mix in the raw egg – but I said no I’m an explorer and danger is my friend – I’ll do it. It was a good meal althought the Chardonnay was not quite chilled enough to my liking. At the end of the meal you give the chap the sliver of plastic and then he gives it back to you. They normally ask for my autograph and then leave. It’s good to be so popular.
    Cut to interion of gym: Us special forces chaps are nearly always in the gym. But today I’ve got a reason to be here. I can’t quite open the ringpull on this can of Sprite and these instructors are very tough.
    Cut to Bear: Now I’ve got to go soon – I’m flying Scandinavian Airways because that’s SAS. But if I tell you that I’d have to kill you. Be careful – it’s a jungle out there – or is it a theme park? Any way its just outside the hotel so I’m not going. Those rides are scary!

  22. Kit » 11 October 2007:

    shut up, he’s hott and he’s amazing, and gave himself back surgery, leave him alone

  23. Abhimanyu Sherpa » 12 October 2007:

    Bear Gryll is more than a machine .

  24. Niece » 13 October 2007:

    He never said he was survivor man, that’s the show after man vs. wild…he’s not a fake, the shows purpose is to show you how to survive if you get into that really horrible situation. Besides, I heard that he’s quite the gentleman, he opted to carry both of his sons during gestation then breast feed them while his wife fought MS, brain cancer, and helped Brittney Spears to quite doing heroine as elbow length gloves are no longer in style and the track scars were starting to show.

  25. Sue » 27 October 2007:

    Bear is a FAKE!! He sat there and during one of his “adventures” he there and jumped into a stream and in the scene he said he would have to use his bag to float to stay alive. After he jumped in he lost his bag (you could see it flt to the right) he somehow ended up with his bag and when he was in the water if you looked at his coat closely enough you could see a life vest grills is a big cheater!! If you want to see some real surviving action survivor man is a MUCH better choice he is able to start a fire with just stacks and leaves lets see bear without his flint

  26. Nicole » 11 November 2007:

    Oh, C’MON people!!! He’s a TELEVISION host, and the point of television is to ENTERTAIN people. Personally, I think no less of him for staying in a few hotels. After all, he was hesitant to do the show in the first place.

    Give the guy a break and take his show for what it really is: ENTERTAINMENT. And if you learn a few survival tips in the process, then more power to Bear Grylls!!! At least is show doesn’t rot your brain like most do.

  27. Mama Bear » 17 November 2007:

    Bear is HOT! His accent alone does wonders for me. While he may have faked some of his survival, he is still HOT!

  28. monty » 16 December 2007:

    I cant believe that there are so many sick people in this world!!!!!!!!! Niece i think you need to grow up how you can make jokes about serious illness’ is beond me. i hope not for yours and their sake but one day someone close to you may get a serious illness then you will understand why i wrote this. and as for bear i agree with nicole its entertainment he isnt going to risk his life anymore than he does now for a tv show i would love to see most of you lot do the things he does even with help.

  29. Ciaran » 20 December 2007:

    Bear Grylls was once so hungry he actually did eat a horse. The only thing he spat out was the jockey’s helmet

    Bears actually get their name from Bear Grylls, who created them one day when he couldn’t find anything else to fight and eat

    Amongst themselves, lions actually agree that Bear Grylls is the King of the Jungle

    Bear Grylls was the original Sisyphus, except at the first go he got to the top, climbed onto the rock and slapped Zeus in the face

  30. Niece » 23 January 2008:

    Monty, I do have a serious illness which causes me intense pain every waking moment and often I dream of the pain I am feeling. Laughing helps get me by. Get off your high horse and crack a joke, Bear’s just a man and we’re just here having fun. I actually admire him and see him as inspiration for me because I suffer severe back trouble along with my illness. I dream of recovery and freedom from the pain when it won’t hurt me to tears just because I want to hold my 2 year old baby.

  31. Niece » 23 January 2008:

    I forgot to add an apology for Monty, perhaps because of my illness I’ve grown morbid, would you have felt better had I said that Bear carried his children while his wife was off in search for the Abominable Snowman, became friends and went on tour after writing the story of the creatures life?

  32. Dan » 3 March 2008:

    If Bear Grylls is a fraud, then so is survivor man. Do you really think that either one of these guys would put themselves in any real danger? The purpose of Man vs. Wild and Survivor Man are to show you how to survive if you find your self in one of thes situations. Whether it is authentic is not the point.

  33. Dan » 6 March 2008:

    in the episode ‘desert island’ bear grylls found a bottle with a message in, telling him how to make a raft out of trees, leaves and a t-shirt
    to which he said ‘well its not as good as my idea’ – fact

    he does rock tho doesnt he even if its not all true he did still climb everest, cross that frozen ocean, jump off a waterfall (rucksack or not), climb endless cliff faces, white water raft… with no raft, eat goats testicles and countless other things, slay a bunny with a stick (altho not very nice for the bunny the sound it makes is entertainment enough…youtube) and finally he was in the SAS showing army guys how to survive in similar conditions as well as being a medic and a combat expert the result? DO NOT […] WITH BEAR GRYLLS!

  34. phil talbo » 19 March 2008:

    Bear Grylls once met medusa in ancient Greece, she told him to look into her eyes, Bear Grylls not wanting to back down from a challenge proceeded to look into her eyes.
    Little did medusa no that anyone who stares into Bear Grylls eyes gets turned into a block of cheese. Either way he ate her in one mouth full. No one [messes] with Bear and lives.

    Bear Grylls walked into a bar, he saw it coming but he walked into it anyway

    a man walked upto Bear Grylls, 10 minutes later he crawled away from Bear Grylls

    Why did the Dinosaur cross the road?
    Cause he was trying to get […] away from Bear Grylls who had just ate the chicken two streets away

    rambo thought he knew the jungle like the back of his hand, now all he knows is the back of
    Bear Grylls fist

    Ghandi said to Bear Grylls “sitting in front of that tank was the most stupid thing any human has ever done” instead of responding to this with words Bear Grylls instead sent Ghandi an invitation to his balloon dinner party

    Bear Grylls was once pulled over for drink driving. As he was driving a fuel truck filled to the brim with bear and a pipe from that tanker to his mouth

    the tortoise and the hair had a race, unfortunately for those two it was lunchtime for Bear Grylls

    If you say Bear Grylls 3 times in front of a mirror your jaw breaks

    Bear Grylls climbs Mount Everest every day as a warm up routine. If he ever sees other mountaineers on the mountain he skins a polar bear and wears its skin and pretends to be the yeti screaming and cursing at those he cross his path.

    Bear Grylls came up to me and asked me what the meaning of life was, i said i don’t know, he said wrong answer the meaning of life is bear grylls

  35. Craig » 4 April 2008:

    Bear Grylls would eat Chuck Norris for protein!

  36. Tarik » 27 April 2008:

    Bear grylls can start fire with water

  37. DeeZy » 9 May 2008:

    What do you get when you have Bear Grylls, a drinking straw, and a toothpick?….A former S.A.S with a sniper rifle….

  38. Rodney » 14 May 2008:

    Bear Grylls knows the exact location of Carmen SanDeigo at any given moment.

    Bear Grylls ALWAYS takes the physical challenge.

    El Chupacabra is actually Bear Grylls.

    The pilot episode of Man vs. Wild was filmed in 1974 when Bear Grylls showed his veiwers how to survive an abortion… using only his knife, flint and water bottle.

    In 1985 Bear Grylls hunted, killed and ate and entire village of South American Rebels and a United States Army Platoon for protein. The gruesome story was retold in 1987 in the movie “Predator”

    Bear Grylls is the direct descendant of Noah.

    Sperm whales can hold their breath for up to 2 hours. Bear Grylls can hold his for 3.

    In an as of yet unaired episode of Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls shows his viewers how to survive in the center of the earth… using only a knife, flint and water bottle.

  39. tasha » 17 May 2008:


  40. ben » 20 May 2008:

    bear grylls is the reason why chuck norris is still alive

  41. Stefan » 29 May 2008:

    If you want to meet Bear Grylls, make sure you are a protected animal, because if you are not, Bear will eat you for protein

  42. stjimmy » 11 June 2008:

    whoever says he is fake is a gaybo and sholus watch the shows it has footage of where he is building a raft in alaska u moronhead

  43. conor » 11 June 2008:

    bear grylls is awesome and he aint a fake so getlost whoever says he is

    hes well good

  44. Andre » 7 July 2008:

    Bear Grylls was Chuck Norris’s stunt double. In one episode of Texas Ranger, if you look closely you can see Bear Grylls standing in the back ground. (wearing a mullet and a cowboy hat)

  45. ian » 11 September 2008:

    even if some of the scenes are staged, he’s still way tougher than anyone else you know. and the reason they stage them is because not everything will happen to any single individual, so he and the crew try to present as many possible scenarios (albeit some of them may not be natural) in order to demonstrate how to survive a particular situation.
    besides, if you’re really watching it because you think it’s 100% real, then you’re missing the point of television.

  46. John » 21 September 2008:

    Bear Grylls doesnt survive the wild the wild survives Bear Grylls.

    Bear Grylls doesnt need a camera crew he just keeps them around incase he needs extra protien.

    Bear Grylls doesnt fall into quick sand, quick sand falls into Bear Grylls.

    The reason Bear Grylls doesnt use a gun is that they kill animals to slow.

    Bear Grylls didnt climb Everest, Everest climbed Bear Grylls.

    Bear Grylls doesnt need a parachute because the ground would move out off his way.

    The sun rises in the east and sets in the west because Bear Grylls got tired of carrying a compass.

  47. Relax Mortgages » 8 October 2008:

    If Chuck Norris and Bear grylls were placed on a desert island who would last the longest????

    Would Chuck Norris survive off Bear Grylls or the other way round!!!

  48. Henry Vangchhia » 20 October 2008:

    How i wish i could work with him. As an adventurer and a survivor myself, i’m sure he’ll have a lot to show me and i to him.

  49. gooffygoober113 » 20 December 2008:

    chuck norris can touch mc hammer… but bear grylls can eat him for protein… using only his knife, flint, and a water bottle.

  50. jega jega » 24 January 2009:

    I heard de just passed away

  51. Jared Bridges » 24 January 2009:

    That’s contrary to any news reports, jega jega. On the contrary, it looks like Bear and his wife just welcomed a new son into the world. Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Grylls!

  52. Bear Grylls Son » 26 January 2009:

    Even if some of the stuff he is helped with or its staged, he is still out there doing this. Like Ian said some things they have to set up because he cant make everything happen to him each episode. Besides look at what this guy eats, I havent seen les stroud do any of that!!! This GUY got stung by bees and then his face swelt up and he still killed a rattle snake.

    Bear Grylls FTW

  53. Yunus » 16 February 2009:

    Yo bear is the stuff, u others hate because use watch survivor man come on now he never catches anything to eat.

  54. Big Wave » 9 March 2009:

    Nobody messes with Bear Grylls… Bear Grylls does the messing!

  55. Big Wave » 9 March 2009:

    One time when Bear Grylls needed to start a fire, he ate some sand and shat out a magnifying glass.

  56. Tomigen » 3 September 2009:

    Bear Grylls doesn’t eat… he feeds.

  57. Steve » 14 October 2009:

    Bear Grylls met Chuck Norris, bit his head off, skinned him, squeezed the water out of his half-digested stomach contents and slept inside his carcass.

  58. BearGryllsFanatic » 18 October 2009:

    Bear Grylls is scared of heights
    Ray Mears and Survivor Man suck
    Bear Grylls called his sons Jesse, Marmaduke and Huckleberry
    His dad is dead
    He went over Mt Everest on a paramoter
    He climbed Mt Everest

    All the above facts are true

  59. Chris » 9 December 2009:

    i think that Bear sould be on T.V. more

  60. Laurence » 19 December 2009:

    in a past life bear grylls was a garbage compactor.

    ps. he’s not fake. some people just didn’t understand the show. they thought it was him in a true life or death situation. but it’s more a survival guide where he will put himself in danger to show you how to survive. what you can eat, how to get water, etc. it’s entertaining and real.

  61. Raj » 3 January 2010:

    WEll he says his camera crew will follow him.. he neva says how many of them. Its more or less like shooting a movie. In a movie every thing is fake. It is made to make us aware of what is shown and keep us entertained. afterall the show is not a nonsense, and is really worth watching!
    so enjoy the show

  62. Savannah Eckmeyer » 25 January 2010:

    Hay “Bear” or is it Edward Michael, anyway whats your favorite animal because your my hero and I have to do a bio on you and one of the questions is “Whats his/hers favorite animal plus I think you awesome you three kids (Jesse,Marmaduke and Huckleberry) are very lucky to have a father as great as you!:)YOUR AWESOME “BEAR” YOU RULE

  63. Bear Grylls, Jr. » 25 February 2010:

    Chuck Norris watches Bear and takes notes. Nuff said.

  64. Bear Grylls, Jr. » 25 February 2010:

    It is rumored that Chuck Norris dared Bear Grylls to a fight once. Bear agreed, with one stipulation: they fight in the wilderness with only a knife, water bottle, and flint. Chuck agreed to these terms. The following day, Bear and Chuck met in the wilderness to fight. Just before they were set to begin fighting, the weather changed for the worse. Bear suggested that they do the following: build a shelter with surrounding tree branches and vegetation, find local insects and small animals to eat, and sit around the campfire drinking their own urine. Chuck refused. Bear left Chuck to die of exposure in the wilderness and went back to his hotel room with his film crew. True story :)

  65. Omar Moodie » 2 April 2010:

    Well done mate.

  66. jesse » 19 April 2010:

    when bear grylls went to the movies he saw everyone eating popcorn, slushy’s, and chocolate- he sighed the only thing he brought was his knife, flint and waterbottle

  67. Dave » 21 July 2010:

    Bear Grylls simply walks in to Mordor

  68. chloe taylor » 17 August 2010:

    bear grylls is a good guy and if you all have problems with him get over it. i for one enjoy watching his shows and i dont care if he is a fake it doesent matter okay?!?!?!?!?!

  69. steve » 8 September 2010:


  70. mike johnson » 15 September 2010:

    while in south dakota, bear grylls managed to kill a buffalo. to bad it rotted away before he could get to it!!!

  71. taylor » 15 September 2010:

    bear met chuck norris in australia. When the salties came after them, they fought their way through it. When the rescue chopper didn’t come, bear managed to survive using flint, a waterbottle, and a knife. Chuck wansn’t so lucky.

  72. xander » 15 October 2010:

    what he does is the crew tests everything. like they tie him to a harness then he does what ever it is but if it fails he does something else somewhere else but if he makes it he goes back and does it with out the harness and thats what you see on tv so he isnt a fake he does everything you.

  73. DREW McDonnell of princeton » 4 January 2011:

    The sun is going down better drink my own piss.

  74. sp » 11 January 2011:

    love bear

  75. himanshu » 19 January 2011:

    iam your biggest fan in world

  76. himanshu » 19 January 2011:

    hai bear i want to meet u.

  77. himanshu » 19 January 2011:

    when u meet with me then u will know pepole called me second bear grylls

  78. jake gordon » 23 February 2011:

    Jake gordon once knowcked out bear grylls

  79. cole » 4 April 2011:

    i like bear grylls

  80. Coach Jackson » 26 April 2011:

    Bear Grylls’ mating call is cross between dragon and Samoan Long-Horn Cattle

  81. MIke » 22 July 2011:

    I no people say the tv show is fake and some prob is but that doesnt change the fact he used to train the sas yes the sas the best fighting unit in the world, survival in extreme climates.

  82. Grylllsss » 28 July 2011:

    The haters on this page are probably more angry with themselves for being so Niave in the first place. Grow up morons, of course he stays in hotels sometimes. Here he is on the record. either way he still shows some amazing stuff, that could save lives

  83. Grylllsss » 28 July 2011:
  84. amandeep gehlawat » 1 October 2011:

    man you are amazing . i love to see your program and i am your biggest fan in the world . its my passion to work like u do . you are a source of inspiration to me and meeting you is my biggest dream

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