A Man’s Man

If you haven’t read yet about the mountain climber who had to cut his own arm off to escape from a boulder that was pinning him, read it now. This story is incredible, and a testimony to the fact that sacrifices are made with every decision we make, some more costly than others.

This fellow was audacious enough to do the unthinkable to live. Every time we hear of stories like this, we silently wonder to ourselves, “Could I do that?” Many people, I fear, would say no–which is an even more frightening prospect because they couldn’t see, like Aron Ralston did, that the pain and loss of limb is minor compared to the long-term consequences of lying there and dying.

Ralston saw his situation, saw the long term consequences, made his decision, then acted. It’s very rare to find such resolve in today’s society, and though it’s little consolation for the loss of his arm, I commend him.


…from the Latin procrastinare, pro “forward” + crastinus “of to-morrow.” The etymology of the word says it all.

So, due to lack of motivation to write my paper, I am putting off finishing until tomorrow. It seems after all these years of writing papers that I would learn my lesson. It seems that way, but why do something today you can put off until tomorrow? Still, I don’t advocate the practice, especially if you can’t work well under pressure. I hope I can tomorrow…


Ok, while you’re waiting for me to get this website in order, I’ll give you a little trivia to pass the time. You may have noticed the name of my weblog: TruePravda. You may also be wondering “what in the world does that mean?”

The “True” part is not that difficult. The “Pravda” part is where the confusion probably lies. Pravda is Russian for “truth.” So, in essence, TruePravda means “True Truth.” It is sort of a play on the old state-run Soviet newspaper (still in print today), Pravda. Pravda, while truthful in name, was anything but the truth. It was basically a propaganda rag for the Communist Party—oh the irony!

Not Quite Open For Business

Have you ever been to a store before the official opening time? It’s a little confusing sometimes. The people in the store are often ready and waiting to open, but the clock has not yet reached the “official” time, so you must stand waiting outside, and the shopkeepers will stand waiting inside.

Well, you guessed it–it’s like that with this site. I’m in the midst of writing papers right now, so piddling is the best I can do at present. So, feel free to wander around outside, but you can’t come in yet…