Land of the Free…

…software, that is. Yes there are still some worthy software titles out there that are without cost. Since I’ve been referred to as a computer geek from time to time, I thought that I would list a few of the free software tools that I use or have used:

Mozilla Firebird .61. I use Firebird for 90% of my web browsing. It is faster than IE 6.0, and I never see a pop-up ad because it blocks them. Also the best feature is its “tabbed browsing.” I can have several browser windows open inside the program which are qucikly accessible. This is a free office suite that rivals Microsoft Office. Although I’m using MS Office XP now (got it for $50 when I bought my computer), I would not be heartbroken if I had to switch to OpenOffice–it’s that good. The only thing missing is a comparable product to MS Outlook.

CDex. This is a freeware program that allows you to rip CDs to mp3. At work I like to rip my CDs to my hard drive so I don’t have to carry CDs back and forth. This tool does it well, and it is free! CDex also can convert WAV files to mp3 and vice-versa.

I have no idea how some of these projects make money, but I would rather download and use the programs rather than ponder that notion.

1 thought on “Land of the Free…”

  1. Mozilla Firebird is a wonderful product. For those who haven’t tried it, don’t be turned off by its not being in version “1” yet. It’s quite stable.

    I’ve tried OpenOffice, but it didn’t stick with me. Unlike Firebird, which is better than IE in many respects, I see OpenOffice as an adequate, but ultimately unnecessary substitute for The Standard.

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