Gator Hating Abroad

As Gator Hater Week draws to a close (this doesn’t mean that you can’t hate the Gators year-round), I’d like to recount one of my favorite Gator hating memories. I wasn’t even in the country for this one. Gator hate knows no borders. In 1998, on my way to live in Belarus for a year, … Read more

Rain Games

In keeping with the spirit of Gator Hater Week, I’d like to share a few memories of Tennessee-Florida games. The first was in 1992 in Knoxville. I did not attend the game (I was a senior in high school at the time), but I was in west Knoxville at my great aunt’s house. I remember … Read more

Play Time

Why are so many adults in our culture acting like children? This article explores this intresting new trend. Charles Colson comments on the article, noting that there is a difference between play as the primary goal of life, and play as an important aspect of how God created us. Though we should take time for … Read more

Comfort Grips

This has little to do with anything, but I was wondering why in the world do the makers of toothbrushes, razors, and pens think that each of those items needs to come in a special version with a “comfort no-slip” grip? Is anyone really brushing their teeth so hard that their hand becomes uncomfortable? Are … Read more

Gator Hater Week

Hatred is a horrible thing. It eats at you, changes you, and makes you into a different person. That is why I love to hate the Florida Gators. I will not mince words here. I hate the Gators. I don’t simply dislike them–that would be far too tame a term to use. I realize there … Read more


Let us not forget the events of that morning two years ago, and let us also not forget those who are still defending us in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other parts of the world. May God be with them.

Separation of Church and Business, Cont’d.

Kevin McNeese, an employee of Familiy Christian Stores, responded to my blog entry, “Separation of Church and Business.” Mr. Neese says: We can split hairs all day long, and I’m praying that the Christian community will embrace versus divide, but the fact of the matter is that Family Christian Stores is both a ministry and … Read more

Bibles A la Mode

Russell Moore has a great article on Bibles that are niche-marketed, in this case to teenage girls. Among several good points Moore makes is this one: Evangelicals have long believed that the way to get attention is to reincarnate the gospel into a vanilla-flavored version of whatever worldly fad is the going thing. Thus, we … Read more

Biblical Illiteracy

Albert Mohler has a good blog today on biblical illiteracy in the church. I’ve blogged briefly about this before, and I think this is one dead horse that still needs beating. Mohler cites the statistics: According to 82 percent of Americans, “God helps those who help themselves,” is a Bible verse. Those identified as born-again … Read more