Icing the Bluegrass

Vols 20, Cats 7

The view from our seats

I did take a break from my studies to go see the Tennessee-Kentucky football game in Lexington with my wife today. My wife graduated from Kentucky; I graduated from Tennessee. We were one of the many “intermarried” couples at a game where the temperature hovered around the freezing mark.

I couldn’t feel my feet at the end of the game, but I could feel the angst and frustration that KY fans have toward their football program. Nevertheless, one man’s tragedy is another man’s victory, and so the Vols took the now mythical beer-barrel for the 19th consecutive time. I’ll have to say that I’m impressed with the Vols’ November play this year, although I still think that some coaching changes need to be affected. Bravo, though, to the Vols for a strong finish.

1 thought on “Icing the Bluegrass”

  1. Jared,
    Ya tozhe bil na etoi igre.Pogoda bila huzhe chem v Minske:) V sleduyuschiy raz kogda budete v Lexingtone vam nado pozvonit’ nam.
    GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS Mi tozhe “intermarried” couple:)

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