Bi, Bi, Miss American Pie

It seems that bisexuality has become chic for teenage girls in South Florida [link via Marvin Olasky]. A South Florida Sun-Sentinel article states that many girls are kissing other girls or even claiming to be bisexual because it gives them attention from boys:

“It’s really just straight children acting out that natural pubescent rebellion, of stepping out of the boundaries the previous generation set up,” says Clarence Brooks, a teacher at Bak Middle School of the Arts in West Palm Beach.

Sam Deblaker of Wilton Manors says she first experimented with girls because of the way guys reacted.

“I liked the attention,” the 17-year-old says, adding that though she has had a boyfriend for two years, she occasionally kisses girls in front of him. “He likes it. It’s fun.”

Sure enough, girls have always gone to great lengths to get the attention of the boy they liked (and vice versa), but this behavior signals a change unlike any other. The sexual confusion that is exhibited by today’s youth is indicative of a world that is far removed from biblical teaching. The saddest part of this article to me is the fact that those involved are more concerned with whether or not the girls are “really bisexual” rather than acknowledging the greater problem that is staring them blatantly in the face.

I graduated from high school just over ten years ago, and this was not something anyone would have considered fathomable. To be sure, there was plenty of ungodly decadence that went on among my fellow high schoolers, but the acceptance of a “bisexual chic” was unheard of. This emerging trend is a signal to Christians that the youth (as well as many of their parents) cannot relate to a biblical worldview. We as Christians must set the worldview of the Bible against the spirit of the age and show the world that identity is not ultimately found in one’s sexuality, but in one’s standing with Jesus Christ.