Around the Blogosphere…

Be sure to check out Daniel McConchie’s weblog, McConchie on Bioethics. It’s a frighteningly insightful blog covering the perils of technological amorality. This week he covers the implications of the mouse that was conceived and born without the use of a male, and the MRI readings that indicate political affiliation. Matt Hall has moved from … Read more

The Left’s Rapture of the Mind

Many on the left have a difficult time understanding why Americans generally support Israel. Some, like George Monbiot, writing in the U.K. Guardian, concludes that it has to be because so many “fundamentalist” Christians believe in the Rapture, and therefore think that the eschatological process must be helped along by siding with Israel. This couldn’t … Read more

When Honesty Is Not That Honest

Chris Ayers, a pastor in Charlotte, NC, wants the church to be honest about biblical interpretation when it comes to homosexuality: Homosexual Christians do not need churches that force them to live a lie. They need love, acceptance and affirmation. Saying homosexuals should be tolerated is not enough. Saying homosexuals are welcome in a church … Read more

Emerging Into What?

The postmodern, or “emerging” church movement is one that is unique enough to attact press coverage from time to time. After all, it is this uniqueness that supposedly attracts its followers. These groups pride themselves on looking as much unlike a traditional church as they can, an idea that stems from the notion that traditional … Read more

Reinventing Reinvention

The arguments for postmodernist morality keep getting curiouser and curiouser. Take, for example, ex-Anglican priest David Bryant’s stance in a column extoling the virtues of free love: Life hurls at us a constantly changing network of ethical dilemmas. For the Victorians, it was chimney sweeps, slaves and poverty. In the 21st century, it is genetic … Read more

Cold Blooded Hiking

As I was hiking this weekend, I came upon this little critter on the trail. He appears to be a ringed snake, or diadophis punctatus. He was a little slow moving, so I imagine he was either just emerging from hibernation, or had recently eaten. I’m glad I helped him off the trail with a … Read more

Journalism and the Modern Soothsayer

Prophecy may indeed be the world’s second oldest profession. Throughout the ages there have been those who insisted that they had a window into the future. Some were successful (Isaiah, Jeremiah) and some were not (Charles Taze Russell). Its seem that the mantle of the prophet has now been picked up by news agencies, ever-hoping … Read more

A Study in Contrast

Victor Davis Hanson has one of the best arguments I’ve seen yet against those who would seek to appease the Islamofacists. Hanson writes in the Spring 2004 Issue of City Journal: Most important, military deterrence and the willingness to use force against evil in its infancy usually end up, in the terrible arithmetic of war, … Read more

Responsibility, Control, and Terrorism

The 9/11 Commission is a sham. If were only really about making the country safer. Instead, everyone’s searching for someone to blame. The those on the left think that the Bush administration is at fault. This is either an election-year ploy or they really believe it. I’m rather inclined to think that some have actually … Read more