Burger King Gives Atkins The Finger, While Wendy’s Gives It To Customers

BK's New Weapon of Mass DestructionBreakfast has always been one of my three favorite meals of the day. Now it’s in the running for top meal all by itself. Burger King, in an attempt to bite its thumb at the cult of dieting, has introduced its new, 730 calorie, Omelet Sandwich. I can’t wait to try one on the way to the gym tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, in other much-reported news, Wendy’s has taken a more human approach to their menu.

4 thoughts on “Burger King Gives Atkins The Finger, While Wendy’s Gives It To Customers”

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  2. I need to start eating one (or more) of these each morning to keep up with my rapidly-expanding fellow Virginians. Yes, in case you haven’t heard, our obesity rate is increasing faster than any other state. West Virginia, we’re gaining on you!

  3. And now Burger King has made a commercial depicting a poor amputee being fitted with a right are prosthesis with a hand that fits the new burger king hamburger. Are these people really sure they want their corporation shown in such light??? You have go to see the ad to really appreciate how distastful it really is. Let’s blog this up and get the ad pulled and have Mr. Greg Brennerman (CEO) write a public apology for airing it.

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