The Jeffersonian Bible, Microsoft Style

If there’s anything to say about Microsoft, it’s that they’re a team player. The Redman, Washington software giant is teaming up with the communist regime of the People’s Republic of China to offer a blogging service that is safe for commies everywhere:

Chinese bloggers using a new Microsoft service to post messages titled “democracy,” “capitalism,” “liberty” or “human rights” are greeted with a bright yellow warning.

“This message includes forbidden language,” it scolds. “Please delete the prohibited expression.”

Thomas Jefferson, who was uncomfortable with the presence of miracles in the Bible, simply cut them out with a razorblade as if they didn’t exist. The government of the PRC has the same sort of attitude about their people publishing words that are in opposition to a more totalitarian form of government. Microsoft is happy to lend a hand:

Executives with the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant argue that they are only following local laws and any disadvantage is outweighed by benefits users get from the company’s services.

“Even with the filters, we’re helping millions of people communicate, share stories, share photographs and build relationships,” said Adam Sohn, Microsoft’s global sales and marketing director. “For us, that is the key point here.”

Well, at least the poor souls will be able to share photos from this year’s “re-education through labor” camp.