Yours truly at the Kremlin in '99First things first: if you’re wondering what in the world “TruePravda” means, read this early entry. With that cleared up, I’ll tell you a little more about its author.

My name is Jared Bridges. If I could pick one descriptor that would describe me, I’d choose “follower of Jesus.” On my best days I’m far from close to living up to that descriptor, but thankfully Christ is better than our best days.  Most days, savvy sleuths can find me working for a non-profit in Washington D.C. — however, I’ll always consider myself an expatriate Tennessean. My blood runs orange, and which I can prove by degree. I’ve also lived in Louisville, Kentucky, where I studied at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, a stellar school that challenged me intellectually, spiritually, and physically (from lifting all the books). I graduated with a Master of Divinity in Theology, majoring in Biblical and Theological Studies.

Us in CincinnatiI now live in northern Virginia with my wife Lori, who survives my peculiar personality with peculiar grace. It was she who encouraged me to begin this blog back in the wilderness days of blogging in 2003. Much of our days are spent raising our kids, who keep our time filled with much joy and wonder.

Those are but a few of the answers you may have been seeking when you clicked the “About” link. I’ll leave it to my posts to dispense any further information. It’s more fun that way anyhow.

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