Software & Technique

The blog’s CMS is handled by the incomparable WordPress. Years ago, I began with Movable Type for about a year before upgrading.

Site History

I’ve had a website in various locations on the web since February 1996, when I built a web page on the free student servers at the University of Tennessee. The page contained, well, nothing. I had a photo and a text box that said “Welcome to the homepage of Jared Bridges” (does anyone use the term “homepage” anymore?). I added to it a bit in my last year of college, putting up a page with my favorite links, and a page with a brief spiritual autobiography. Not long after the site evolved into this layout, which was in place in various forms for several years.

I started the blog in April 2003 with a two-column layout, which can be seen on some of these snapshots from the Internet Archive. Version II, a three-column layout, was launched in March 2004. Version III, a two-column layout, was introduced in November 2004, and Version IV debuted in November 2006.  The current iteration was launched in April 2020.

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