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Around the ‘Sphere

A few “must-reads” for your reading as you travel the blogosphere:

Phillip Johnson has nailed some theses to the door of evangelicalism, noting that the rampant money-grubbing, superstition, and pragmatism present today is often worse than that of medieval Catholicism. Johnson has more than enough valid points here to make him an evangelical porcupine. Also noteworthy is Tim Challies insightful response to Johnson.


Douglas LeBlanc laments the emergence of “office-like” church buildings, where the number one concern is making people feel comfortable in worship. He observes, “In an age when the exteriors of community centers and banks aspire to the same grand statements that churches once used, there‚Äôs a certain symmetry in having churches look like those soulless buildings straight out of Office Space.”


In “Television Termination at the Christian ‘Booksellers’ Convention,” Douglas Groothius describes his trip to the CBA amongst the Christian kitsch with his TV-B-Gone, where he managed thirteen TV kills in one day. I really have to get me one of those things…
(Hat tip: Joshua Sowin)


S.M. Hutchens has a thoughtful post on “Lying in Church,” where he grapples with the truth of what we say in many of our worship songs. No matter where you come down on the issue of contemporary v. traditional worship, Hutchens’ honesty is worth examination. He also has a follow-up post.


And on a lighter note, Colby Willen, still locked in his basement after five years, wonders if there are any Y2K updates. We’ll let you know if we hear anything, Colby. In the meantime, don’t eat all the Oatmeal Creme Pies in your stash—you may need them if the power grid fails…

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