How to name a subdivision

Last week, we looked at how to name a church. This week, let’s take a brief look at how to name an American staple: that compound of suburban bliss — the subdivision.

The trick in naming a subdivision is pretty simple: think opposite.  For example, if the subdivision consists of quarter-acre lots within the city limits, you call it “Country Acres.”  If you have garden homes in a valley, you call it something like “Hillside Estates.”

You must be very careful in naming your subdivision, lest you cross the line too far and end up with a funeral home name — a system that is frighteningly similar.  If your neighborhood’s name is “Sunset Gardens,” you know someone has gone too far.

Now that you know the rules, go have some fun with it at this random subdivision name generator that I found.

2 thoughts on “How to name a subdivision”

  1. Another way to get the job done: name the subdivision for what was destroyed to build it:
    Whispering Pines
    Green Meadows
    Orchard Estates

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