Dr. Russell Moore quotes a recent article from Touchstone magazine:

Given the hard work that it takes to be a Christian man, it isn’t surprising that around the world every Sunday morning perpetual boys throng the golf courses, sleep off Saturday night, or otherwise occupy themselves with pleasures instead of worshiping their God in his Church. They may even feel like he-men for doing so, but they’re not. They are leaving a hole in their families, where a grown-up Christian man is supposed to be. They are leaving a hole in the churches, where boys are meant to learn how to be Christian men from the society of Christian men, and where girls are meant to learn from observation the difference between a godly man and a moral slob.

Anyone who has been in ministry (vocational or lay ministry) has realized how much more difficult it is at times to get men involved in the church than women. I’ve been in evangelical settings where women outnumber men 5 to 1. Does this mean that Christianity is a women’s religion?

Certainly in one sense it is a women’s religion, but it is also very much a faith for men. What has gone wrong? I think this Touchstone article (which isn’t online yet) may be touching (no pun intended) on a good point. Are the men in our society just boys? Indeed, it seems like some never do grow up. As for me, I’ll plead the fifth.