The Passion about The Passion

Mel Gibson’s upcoming film about the passion of Christ is coming under intense scrutiny–and the controversy is not even about Gibson’s decision to do the film entirely in Latin and Aramaic.

Gibson is being criticized that grusome crucifixion scene will stir up anti-Semitism. Why? Apparently it is because Jesus’ executioners are Jewish in the film. Nevermind that this is the way Scripture portrays the event, and nevermind that Jesus himself was Jewish, as were most of his disciples.

The problem with many modern-day “race protectors” is that they end up being racist themselves. When a person of a certain race is absovled of any wrongdoing simply because he or she is of a minority race, racism appears. When it becomes a mortal sin simply to criticize a person of a minority race, we must speak out and label it racism. Otherwise we are giving license to wrongdoing in the name of race.