Waiting in the ICU

Lori and I went to Tennessee over the weekend to see my grandmother (see below). She is slowly recovering from the surgery, but is still in critical condition. Please keep her in your prayers.

We spent a few hours in the ICU waiting room, and I had forgotten what it was like to sit in a hospital waiting room. Looking around at the other people in the room, I realized that while life goes on for the world outside, for those in the waiting room, life comes to a screeching halt. Surrounded by six-month old magazines that had been read and re-read hundreds of times, I became aware of just how oblivious I am, and undoubtedly we all are, to the whole world around us.

We seldom see the whole spectrum of life. We like to hang out (understandably so) in one little corner or another, and brush aside the happenings at the other end. Granted, we can’t humanly handle the entire helping of life in one mouthful, but we do need to realize that what we are experiencing isn’t the only thing that is going on in the world. I think that God used the ICU waiting room to illustrate that to me. I only pray that some of it will stick with me.