The Wages of Desegregation

I’m not quite sure what to think of this story. If it weren’t so absurd I’d be outraged, but the absurdity factor almost makes me want to dismiss it and laugh it off.

However, the subject matter in this case is pretty serious, so I will take issue with the black Baptist pastor in Louisiana who will pay white people to attend his sermons. This is a pastor who has bypassed the gospel to have a politically correct church. The pastor, Bishop Fred Caldwell (a Baptist bishop?) says:

…his 5,000-member church has been almost exclusively black since it was founded in 1958, which he thinks was not the way Jesus wanted it. “The most segregated hour in America, depending on the time zone, is 11 o’clock Sunday morning,” he said.

I have no idea what the good Bishop means about the time zone (does he think that churches in Alaska hold services at 6 a.m.?), but I do agree that the Church is too segregated. Bringing people in by artificial means, however will leave him nothing more than an artificial church.