Episcopalians Happy and Sad

The Episcopal Church USA has finally succeeded in divorcing itself from anything Christian. Yesterday, an openly homosexual, divorced Gene Robinson was elected Bishop of New Hampshire. This decision is monumental, not because it gives gays the same chance as everyone else, but because is shows that the Episcopal Church USA has effectively said that character has nothing to do with the ability to be a minister. I even heard a radio report that quoted another bishop saying that someone’s personal life had nothing to do with their ability to minister to the Church. Funny that the Bible’s qualifications primarily address character.

Albert Mohler notes:

Liberal Christianity has been in open revolt against the Word of God for generations now, arguing that times change, so truth must change as well. Morality is mere custom, ane we must “grow” beyond the antiquated morality of the Bible. The authority of the Bible is first bargained away by clever arguments, and then openly dismissed as hopelessly out of date. The virtue of authentic Christian compassion is exchanged for the vice of modern “tolerance.” Love, in this case, means never having to say you’re a sinner.

This is a disastrous day for the Episcopal Church. When a majority of its bishops elected a homosexual man as bishop, the denomination effectively declared its independence from the Christian church…

It is obvious that they have left the Scriptures by the wayside in favor of “sexual liberation.” I fear for the people that they have left/will leave by the wayside in favor of their devotion to a false god.