Bibles A la Mode

Russell Moore has a great article on Bibles that are niche-marketed, in this case to teenage girls. Among several good points Moore makes is this one:

Evangelicals have long believed that the way to get attention is to reincarnate the gospel into a vanilla-flavored version of whatever worldly fad is the going thing. Thus, we have the embarrassment of “Christian boy bands” seeking to imitate-usually badly-the music of “N-Sync”. We have Christian wrestling federations and Christian karaoke clubs and Christian line-dancing competitions. But these things just don’t seem to penetrate a secular youth culture. Why? Because they have glamour magazines and boy bands and karaoke clubs-and they are done better than we can do them.

I’ve already noted below the danger that the extraneous information that is put into many Bible can pose. Moore’s article suggests even more problems that niche Bibles present. Read it.