Gator Hater Week

Hatred is a horrible thing. It eats at you, changes you, and makes you into a different person. That is why I love to hate the Florida Gators.

I will not mince words here. I hate the Gators. I don’t simply dislike them–that would be far too tame a term to use. I realize there are criminal charges that could be filed in some areas for hate crimes. Consider me guilty.

In the words of Doc Holliday in Tombstone, “No, I’m sure of it, I hate ’em.”

The fact that the Tennessee Vols will travel to the Swamp this weekend to play the Gators only heightens the hatred. This is the week where traditionally, in Knoxville, TN, everyone wears Gator Hater T-shirts around. I haven’t seen any here in Louisville yet, but I’m thinking about making some. If you think I’m alone in my loathing of all things Gator, here’s a website that hates the Gators as much as I do.

Give in to your hatred.