Cry Me A River

It seems Lou Holtz is upset that the Gamecocks lost to the Vols Saturday night. So upset, in fact, that he thinks that the Vols must have cheated. Holtz has petitioned the SEC claiming that the Vols were illegally causing South Carolina’s offensive linemen to move. Gary Lundy of the Knoxville News-Sentinel reports:

“The command where you move the defense has to be something like ‘move’ or ‘shift,’ ” Holtz said during his Sunday teleconference.

“It can’t be ‘yep,’ which is our cadence. Our players claimed that’s what was happening. I know coach (Phillip) Fulmer and I can’t believe he would teach that. So I don’t question that.

“When I went to the official . . . he said the crowd was too loud and he couldn’t hear it from where he was.”

Holtz also said the verbal calls by UT’s defensive players continued throughout the game and caused his right guard and right tackle to “jump in unison,” which resulted in illegal-procedure penalties.

“They (UT) did it much of the game and they did it after we were ready to snap the ball,” said Holtz, who added it’s a judgmental call whether to penalize a team for such actions.

I’m sure Lou Holtz’s hearing is so perceptive in the midst of a 100,000+ crowd that he heard the “offending” defenders clearly. I think what Holtz probably heard were the sound of sour grapes being squashed. Yep.