Redneck Nation

The Door Magazine has an interview with Michael Graham, author of Redneck Nation. Graham’s book apparently covers how most of liberal America exhibits the same traits that they like to make fun of in rednecks from the South (all of us from the South ain’t rednecks, of course). Says Graham:

Today, in the United States, people with all kinds of metaphysical beliefs also reject [the fact that intellect can be merged with faith]. So you have the bizarre situation of — and this actually happened to me — someone getting into an argument with me about Christianity, and about how any rational adult could believe in Christianity: “It’s ridiculous, it’s just a book. How could you possibly believe that?” The person who’s saying this is wearing a healing crystal, believes that they were a handmaiden to Cleopatra in a previous life, and watches TV psychic John Edward on a regular basis. I’m sorry — you’re an idiot. You happen to be an idiot about a different set of metaphysical constructs, but you’re still an idiot.

Probably not the kindest terms that could be used, but true nevertheless. Read the whole interview here.