Winning Ugly

Vols 23, Blue Devils 6

It’s called “winning ugly,” and it is otherwise known as “Alabama football,” after Alabama’s tradition of winning games but not looking good while they’re doing it. The Tennessee Vols are definitely playing Alabama football, as they didn’t wake up until the late second half of the game today. At halftime Tennessee was tied with the uber-intellectual football players of Duke. I listened to the game on Yahoo Sports, which is now no longer free (I signed up for the two-week trial period and promptly cancelled after the game). They’re making it hard on us folks who don’t live in radio range for the untelevised games.

A win is, as I’ve said here before, a win—and I’ll gladly accept it, especially now that the Vols are now tied for the lead in the SEC east since Florida (ugh!) beat Georgia (uga!) today. Wow.