Hurricane Blackout

Vols 10, Hurricanes 6

There must have been a hurricane to cause the blackout that the Louisville ABC affiliate imposed upon the Tennessee-Miami game Saturday. I was primed to watch the game at noon yesterday when I turned on the television to see Ohio State taking the field against Michigan State. Yes, this is the same network that showed Jesus, Mary, and da Vinci on Monday night. That’s two downers in one week, WHAS 11.

I did, however pick up the end of the game from a radio broadcast in Lexington. What a win! This moves us up to 9th in the AP poll (the coaches poll didn’t give us that high a ranking). Could it be that we might end up in Atlanta after all? Three conference games to go, and I’m afraid I’ll have to become an Auburn fan when they take on Georgia next week. Go Vols!