For The Pack Rats

If you’re a pack rat like me, you’ll appreciate Susan Konig’s article in National Review:

…what about the good chocolates, the fancy crackers, the special coffees that get saved? For me, if I have gourmet coffee, it is usually stored in the back of the cabinet or the fridge until, one morning, I run out of Chock Full O’ Nuts and have to grind the good blend just to save my marriage. Then I think, I can’t believe we’re having this delicious coffee on an average morning. And yet, what a treat.

And we should all use the darn guest soap.

I had little flower-shaped soaps and seashells and seasonal smelling things I saved and saved. Finally, I put them all out. We’ll get more, or maybe we won’t, but what are we saving them for? The kids will get them all smeary and dirty and leave them in a puddle of water melting away on the edge of the sink and that’s just the way it is.

While I don’t drink coffee, and I dare not ever use the guest soap (much less the guest towel), I do tend to put too many things aside and end up never using them.

I also tend to go through periods in my life where I collect so much junk that I go through a purge, and in one day I’ll throw out or otherwise dispense of a great deal of my belongings. The rest of the time I just store things away until the notion to purge hits me again. Good thing I have an 80 GB hard drive…