All the Other Kids are Doing It…

Speaking of Britney Spears’ one-day wedding, Sacramento Bee columnist Anita Creamer writes:

And so, as 2004 begins, the joke marriage takes its place in the pantheon of America’s heterosexual wedding culture, alongside reality TV marriages, starter marriages, second (and third and fourth) marriages, green-card marriages, arranged marriages, plural marriages and that faithful if virtually forgotten standby from long ago, shotgun weddings.

You can see for yourself from the above list how thoroughly Americans love, honor and cherish marriage.

Creamer goes on to argue that because of such turmoil in American marriages, homosexual marriage poses no threat to the institution. While I agree with her that marriage has become a joke to some (Britney notwithstanding), this argument falls into the classic fallacy that some wrongs justify others. Following this line of thought, one asks the question, “If all marriage is this bad, then why single out homosexuals?”

This should make Christians reflect a bit. Gay marriage proponents bring up issues like this because they want Christians to further relax their standards. I think, rather, that this should prompt Christians to guard even more fiercely the God-given institution. Ideas like covenant marriage should not be abandoned. We should oppose homosexual marriage because to do so would encourage more wrongdoing. At the same time, we should take stock at heterosexual marriage in America, lest we lose our way in today’s morass of matrimony.