No Wonder We’re Bored

Jim Tonkowich has a great article on the relationship between boredom and a lack of wonder:

If we are bored and casting about for the next experience that may, at least temporarily, jerk us back to life, we will never develop a Christian spirituality and worldview. First, we will never make the time and take the effort to confront our current worldview. And second, we will never pursue the work of study and thought. Why not? “It’s boring—I expect to be over-stimulated by experiences, sights, and sounds, and this isn’t like that.” The temptation is to give up the pursuit altogether.

It’s true how the “easy” things that are supposed to cure us from boredom become the least satisfying. I always have to watch more televison or play more computer games—it’s difficult to satiate oneself with the easy. When there are so many “wonderless” things to do, why contemplate the wonderful?

Perhaps discipline is the key to regaining wonder…