A Betrayal of Stupidity

I tried to watch ABC’s Judas tonight. I tried. After about five minutes, I felt the need to surf the internet. I turned it on in the background, to hear qotes like this:

JUDAS: We need to fight for what is rightfully ours!

JESUS: Nothing is rightfully ours except the unconditional love of my father.

Obviously the whole idea of grace was absent here—humankind in this film deserve the love of God. Quite a contrast from the God of the Bible, who loves us when we centainly do not deserve it.

This was but one of the many quibbles I had with this movie. Nothing really surprised me, except how poor the acting was. I think that ABC’s Judas finally gives some stiff competition to Twister as the worst movie ever made. The funny thing is that one of the commercial breaks toward the end of the film featured an ad for The Passion of the Christ. Kinda like an ad for Ruth’s Chris steakhouse on the table while you’re eating at Ryan’s.

ABC’s next foray into biblical revision will surely be Peter Jennings’ upcoming special on the Apostle Paul. Can’t wait.