Journalism and the Modern Soothsayer

Prophecy may indeed be the world’s second oldest profession. Throughout the ages there have been those who insisted that they had a window into the future. Some were successful (Isaiah, Jeremiah) and some were not (Charles Taze Russell). Its seem that the mantle of the prophet has now been picked up by news agencies, ever-hoping to be the first to announce a story.

It seems that USA Today had already prepared a story saying that runner-up Kwame Jackson had won “The Apprentice” reality show. And oops! It got printed the day after the real winner was announced.

It really makes one wonder just how many news stories are writted before the actual events occur. I’m reminded of the CNN scandals from a couple of years ago where it was revealed that CNN had prepared obituaries for several people who were still living, including Vice President Cheney, Ronald Reagan, and others.

Last week, as I was writing this entry, I came to the conclusion that perhaps the notion of instant gratification has gone a little too far in our culture.