Maximum Coverage

It seems that the preponderance of Britney Spears-like clothing among teenage girls has reached a breaking point. The Associated Press is reporting that many girls are demanding that stores carry more modest clothing:

“We like to call this new girl Miss Modesty,” said Gigi Solif Schanen, fashion editor at Seventeen magazine. “It’s such a different feeling but still very pretty and feminine and sexy. It’s just a little more covered up.”

Shoppers are starting to see higher waistlines and lower hemlines, and tweeds, fitted blazers and layers are expected to be big this fall, Schanen said.

“It’s kind of like a sexy take on a librarian,” she said. “I think people are tired of seeing so much skin and want to leave a little more to the imagination.”

While Ms. Schaenen apparently see this solely in terms of the fashion trend market, the social implication is one of the few positive trends in our culture. Will the minishorts that could be mistaken for belts go the way of the beehive hairdo? It’s hard to say, but it is encouraging that girls are standing up and asking the fashion industry to produce more modest clothing.