Smoking Waterguns

The media’s hissy fit about the SwiftVet supporters being Republicans borders on the absurd. Each new item that is uncovered comes with the expectation of a “eureka” moment, as in this Reuters piece:

The Bush campaign and the White House have said they have nothing to do with the Swift Boat group or the ads.

But the group received some of its funding from long-time Bush supporters and its new commercial features one veteran, Ken Cordier, who was on a Bush campaign committee until last week when he was forced to step down.

It was further disclosed late Tuesday that the Bush campaign’s chief outside counsel, Ben Ginsberg, has also been giving legal advice to the Swift Boat group.

It’s funny how the Democrats, with the scandal-mongering media in tow, are all acting so shocked about this. There is no smoking gun in this story. Did they expect that Swift Boat Vet supporters are voting for Nader? Why is this even news? Unless the “Bush campaign” has suddenly been redefined by the FEC as “anyone who votes for Bush,” Kerry doesn’t have a prayer with his FEC inquiry. Isn’t it time Kerry just answered the charges and put this thing to rest?