Elect Local, Ask Global

Overall, tonight’s presidential debate revealed the positions of the two candidates clearly. Two very opposing viewpoints were made clear. In light of this, one might say it was a tie. In light of the content of the differences, I would say that it is a loss for Sen. Kerry.

John Kerry is dangerous for America. As he stated tonight, preemptive action to protect America must pass the “global test.” This, more than any other tenet of Kerry’s doctrine, would propel the United States along a path that it hasn’t known throughout its history. Kerry’s philosophy usurps the sovereign freedom of the United States by seeking international approval for our actions.

Kerry is indeed a man of contradiction and “nuance.” He says that Iraq is a mistake, yet claims he can win this “wrong war.” His nuanced style did stand in stark contrast to President Bush tonight. In his closing remarks, Kerry disdained the certainty of President Bush. By default, this makes John Kerry the candidate of uncertainty.

We cannot let this man win.

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