Get the Flu Shot, Not the Flu

Get the flu shot, NOT the flu.

There’s a story behind this T-shirt. My little brother once procured the garment at one of the obscure summer jobs he was working. The first time I saw him wearing it, I laughed so hard at him it, that he gave it to me the following Christmas. I’ve worn it with pride ever since.

The obnoxiously stern warning on my T-shirt is a bit irrelevant this year, due to the great flu-shot shortage of ’04. Even though I’m only 29 years old (for the time being), I have to confess, I did get a flu-shot this year. I qualified for reasons other than my age. What is funny is that although my wife qualifed as well (likewise for reasons other than her age), she has been thus far unable to obtain the vaccine.

Now that President Bush has gone and made a big deal about foregoing his flu shot in last night’s debate, I’m left feeling like I ate the last brownie on the plate. Oh well, at least I can wear my T-shirt with integrity. For what it’s worth, my shoulder hurts where I got the shot…