Red States and Redneck Inbreds

As the Europeans still shake their heads at the blind stupidity of us backward redneck Americans who voted for Bush, Mark Steyn righty observes:

And, if Americans do “hate abortion”, is [Mirror columnist Brian Reade] saying he loves it? It’s at least partially responsible for the collapsed birthrates of post-Christian Europe. However superior the EU is to the US, it will only last as long as Mr Reade’s generation: the design flaw of the radical secular welfare state is that it depends on a traditionally religious society birthrate to sustain it. True, you can’t be a redneck in Spain or Italy: when the birthrates are 1.1 and 1.2 children per couple, there are no sisters to shag.

Crude, but true. It’s amazing to see just how blind post-Christian Europe seems to be to the legacy unadulterated secularism. They’re losing population amidst advancing Islamic influences and they look at the Americans as if we’re backward.

Truth be told, the U.S. isn’t far behind Europe in its cultural bereavement. If the support for values indicated by this election are not anchored in something more than communitarian mandates, it will be short-lived. This is where Christians must be the vanguards in anchoring our morality in the transformation that comes with the gospel.

Merely talking (and even voting) about “family values” has little effect if we do not as a society know how to live. Morality must be powered by the gospel of the risen Jesus Christ. As the apostle Paul wrote, “the kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power.” [1 Cor. 4:20]