Was Darwin Wrong?

A while back a perceptive reader, Patrick Bowerman, alerted me to the most recent National Geographic, which had “Was Darwin Wrong?” as its cover story. Geographic’s website only offers an excerpt, but I finally did get to read the article in the library recently. It was much what I had expected—a plea for the poor, ignorant creationists to look at the oodles and oodles of evidence for evolution. Nevermind the fact that author David Quammen’s proofs center on the observable nature of microevolution, a phenomenon even creationists will agree occurs. Quammen fails to deal with proofs of the overarching macroevolution, which is what most creationists dispute.

Thomas Woodward has written an excellent response to the article, citing the fact that Quammen doesn’t even bother to mention any of the Intelligent Design movement’s arguments against macroevolution. His response is worth the read, and he points to other responses to the Geographic article as well.

UPDATE: See Rusty Lopez’s excellent post as well.