The “Real Meaning” of Christmas

Evangelical Christians seeking to engage the culture should take a lesson from the late Charles M. Schultz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip. Although Wikipedia notes that Schultz may have turned to secular humanism in later years, a distinctly Christian theology is apparent in the 1965 A Charlie Brown Christmas, which aired on ABC tonight.

In the special Charlie Brown, exasperated, asks if anyone knows the true meaning of Christmas. Linus obliges, and begins to quote verbatim from Luke 2, explaining, in effect, that the birth of Christ is the locus of meaning for Christmas.

No show created today could pull off such a display of overt Christianity and get away with it. It’s amazing that the show still eludes the media censors who might pull it lest it offend someone. With Christmas a completely secular holiday in our culture, A Charlie Brown Christmas is an oddity that Christians should applaud and seek to emulate.

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