Changing Names

From time to time, you’ll meet a person whose name can only be a detriment to their success. The Ima Hoggs and I.P. Freelys of the world are rare, but when we do meet one we wonder at how parents could be so naive as to name their child in such a fashion.

On the other hand, there are those who change their own names for stage or authorship reasons. Samuel Clemens becomes Mark Twain. Louise Veronica Ciccone becomes Madonna. Paul Hewson becomes Bono. It’s a common enough practice, but what if you don’t like your stage name?

Rap “artist” C-Murder apparently does not like his stage name. He feels somehow misunderstood:

Rapper C-Murder, in jail after a murder conviction in the 2002 killing of a teenager, has changed his stage name because he thinks he’s been misunderstood. “I am not a murderer,” the rapper, whose real name is Corey Miller, said in a statement released Tuesday.

He will now go by C Miller, said his publicist, Giovanni Melchiorre of New York-based Koch Records.

It’s all just one big misunderstanding. Uh huh.