Advertising and Naiveté

If you listen to the prevailing rhetoric of most activists, advocacy groups, and plaintiffs today; you might conclude that Americans are quite naive. So naive, in fact, that unless the activists weren’t there to protect us, most of us would end up covered in third-degree burns because our coffee wasn’t properly labeled “HOT!”

Take the latest battle against sugared soft drinks, for example:

A consumer group called on the government to require warning labels on sugar-laden soft drinks, claiming they are the biggest source of calories in the American diet.

Warning labels are now so ubiquitous we seldom even read them anymore. My son’s car seat has so many warning labels (in many different languages) that it’s hard to tell even what color it is. If that’s not bad enough, you still cannot—under any circumstances—eat silica gel.

Even the keyboard with which I am writing this post warns me:

To reduce risk of serious injury to hands, wrists, or other joints, read Safety and Comfort Guide.

I have no idea where my Safety and Comfort Guide is, so I guess I’ll just live on the edge and continue writing. Does anyone ever really read warnings anymore? Has the safety/health warning gone the way of the car alarm? You’d better watch out, else you’ll end up dying from Coca-Cola sugars before your lawsuit is finished.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.