Gator Rhymes with Traitor

The Tennessee Volunteers have a LEAKy faucet. In the tradition of Benedict Arnold, Aldrich Ames, and Robert Hanssen, former Tennessee quarterback C.J. Leak — brother to Florida quarterback Chris Leak — has apparently turned traitor Gator. According to a touching, heartwarming, fuzzy-wuzzy USA Today story about the Leak brothers, C.J. is now “stuffing envelopes” for the Gators’ coaching staff:

Since an opponent’s schemes are catalogued in great detail on video and since wristbands full of plays run up most quarterbacks’ arms, stealing signs isn’t the cat-and-mouse game of years past. Still, Meyer says C.J. has helped the Gators coaching staff with information about the Vols personnel, though he laughs when asked if he hired C.J. to be a spy. Meyer offered C.J. a part-time clerical job when he learned this spring of his desire to become a coach. “He’s a go-fer, does everything, to making coffee to stuffing recruiting envelopes to showing a kid around campus. He’s more involved in recruiting than anything else,” Meyer says.

Makin’ copies, eh? No wonder C.J. was relegated to the sidelines during his Tennessee tenure — he was a closet Gator.

Have I mentioned that I hate the Gators?