State of the Union

My thoughts on President Bush’s State of the Union Address: War/Foreign Policy: As usual, this was the strongest part of the president’s address. Once again, the enemy was identified as practicioners of radical Islam — a point that needs to be driven home to those ambivalent regarding the war. The most telling moment of the … Read more

Google & China: A Different Take

During the past week, the internet has been awash with criticism of Google for its decision to offer a modified version of its search engine to a country with one of the poorest human rights records in the world. The Chinese version of Google “sanitizes” much of the search results and displays a list of … Read more

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

The current Newsweek cover story, “The Trouble With Boys,” is just one of many recent examples of a growing awareness of the damage that feminism has inflicted upon males. Going much further than simply showing that men and women are of equal worth, feminism has strangely worked against itself by implying that male and female … Read more

Art Imitates Life…Sort of

Anthropologist Grant McCracken picks up on a changing trend in the programming of prime–time television: Prime time TV is, as we say, episodic. Each show was supposed to be free standing and one-off. No prior knowledge was presumed. If we had seen the show before, great. If not, never mind. Narrative constructions like Rockford Files … Read more

Kentucky Fried News

There’s trouble in Frankfort, KY, as a prominent porn star-turned PETA activist takes on the Kentucky government: Pamela Anderson is leading a charge to remove a bust of KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders from the state Capitol. The actress called the Kentucky native’s likeness “a monument to cruelty” to chickens in a statement issued by … Read more


If paraskevidekatriaphobia is fear of Friday the 13th, then paraskevidekatriablogophobia must be fear of blogging on Friday the 13th. I’m not superstitious, so I’m unafraid. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll come up with something else to write about today…

2005 in Places

Following Jason’s meme, here are the cities in which I spent at least one night in 2005: Alcoa, TN Birmingham, AL Destin, FL Gray, TN Indianapolis, IN Kingsport, TN Knoxville, TN Louisville, KY Owensboro, KY Pigeon Forge, TN Stamping Ground, KY Townsend, TN Although several of the above were repeat visits, it appears I’m becoming … Read more