Equal Time

The New York Times’ most recent foray into the revealing of state secrets has me wondering. Instead of prosecuting the Old Gray Lady for her untimely treachery, why not put the brilliant reporters and editors of the Times to work? Given that they’ve already disrupted our efforts against al Qaeda, the Times should now give … Read more

Labash Does YearlyKos

We bloggers often suffer from symptoms of self-importance — that vile disease that deludes us into thinking that everything we write is on the same level of significance as, say, The Declaration of Independence. If self-importance really were an illness, few would be more afflicted than the folks over at DailyKos.com. Weekly Standard senior writer … Read more

Finger-lickin’ Lawsuits

When it comes to the corruption of America’s judicial system, activist judges play a large part, but they certainly don’t have the market cornered. Take, for example, the news of the lawsuit brought against Kentucky Fried Chicken. Dr. Arthur Hoyte, along with The Center for Science in the Public Interest, is suing the fast-food chicken … Read more

Around the Sphere

~ Volume XVIII ~ Away from the web I have been for a while; Yet fear not my dear friends, cease not to smile; While words around here have been waning in style; I’ve returned to you now, with links by the pile! At his insightful Crunchy Con blog, Rod Dreher recounts a telling experience … Read more