Graceful in Graceland

Vols 41, Tigers 7

Well, the saying goes that a “W” is a “W,” any way you can take it. With this game it seemed like a “W” was a “Z.” As in sleep. As in “Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz.” In case you’re confused by all those end-of-the-alphabet letters, this was one of the most boring games in recent Tennessee history.

Don’t dispute me, because I caught you catching some winks too. The good thing, however, is that Erik Ainge and his host of Volunteers were wide awake against their left-coast-state rivals. Coach Chavis’ squad was in its usual fine form — and would have almost certainly produced a rare shutout if not sabatoged by some sloppy offensive play at game’s end. The running game is looking up, with Coker running for 125 yds.

One thing that stands out to me is that we haven’t has such a passing/receiving team like Ainge and Meachem/Swain since, dare I say it? — Peyton Manning and Joey Kent. There. Now I’ve jinxed us for good.

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